Mathematic Differences

When I think back to my elementary mathematic days, I think of the Math Makes Sense Textbook. Unfortunately, math didn’t make sense to a lot of people. I was very fortunate to catch on to the word problems and would often try to help my fellow classmates who couldn’t get the ‘right’ answer. Sometimes I … Continue reading Mathematic Differences

Curriculum as Literacy

My schooling has shaped me to look at the world from a white, English person’s perspective. A lot of the stories and novels that we read in school limited my knowledge about the outside world. As Kumashiro states, “the writings of different groups of people in this world can expose students to experiences and ideas … Continue reading Curriculum as Literacy

Curriculum Development & Implementation

Part 1/ Who is it that makes and designs the curriculum? When I was reading the first few pages of this reading, the only word that was appearing on the page was POLITICS. I continued to read where I soon learned that “politics is about power” (Levin, pg.8). Politics significantly influences the development of the … Continue reading Curriculum Development & Implementation

Curriculum as Place

Bringing together generations of community members and learning about historical pieces of land can benefit intellectual, emotional, social, physical and spiritual development. Traditional knowledge and relationships are declining among younger generations. There are many ways to encourage all community members and young children to discuss the importance of their land and culture. By bringing generations … Continue reading Curriculum as Place

Should Sex Ed. Be Taught in School?

Sex education is important for healthy sexual behaviors among all humans. “The purpose of sex education as said by Professor Gawshi (Madani,2003) is to provide the right knowledge to the children in preparation to adapt better to the sexual attitudes in the future life.” (Tirtawinata,2016). The curriculum does not have clear objectives in regard to … Continue reading Should Sex Ed. Be Taught in School?